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How To Choose The Best “Storage Unit Near Me” For Your Money

storage unitsWhether you want to rent a storage unit to house your boat in during the off season, or you’re temporarily moving into a smaller house and don’t want to let go of any of your household goods, you’ll benefit by shopping around to get the best deal for your money. Storage unit costs can vary widely between self storage facilities, so knowing in advance what features that you need to meet your needs will help you to save money. Here are some tips to help you to choose the best storage unit nearby.

24 hour storage Don’t Pay For Features That You Don’t Need

One of your first considerations is what types of features you’ll need to meet your needs when looking for 24 hour storage in your area . In large part, the features that you’ll need will depend upon the number and type of items that you intend to put into storage. It doesn’t make sense to pay for features that you’ll never need, so before you even think about moving any of your items into a storage unit, ask yourself some questions:

  1. How large of a storage unit will you need?
  2. Do you need enclosed storage, or will covered or even open storage space work?
  3. Is there a need for insulated, climate controlled storage?
  4. Will you need 24 hour access ?
  5. How important is security?
  6. If security is very important, what levels of security are provided to keep your items safe?

If you have a boat that you want to put into storage, you may be willing to keep it in outside, covered storage, provided that the facility is secure enough. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit would probably be a little overkill. Likewise, if you want to protect classic car from exposure to the elements, your best bet is to rent a secure, enclosed storage unit close by.

If there is any doubt about the size of storage unit that you’ll need, such as is often the case when people move household goods into storage, call the storage unit ahead of time and describe what you are planning to store. Often they can point you to the right sized unit to fit all of your items together.

What Are The Sizes Of Storage Units Near Me?

indoor storageEnclosed storage units can range in size quite a bit, from as little as 25 square feet to a whopping 300 square feet. Here are the typical storage unit sizes that you’ll find at most storage facilities:

  • *5′ X 5′ or 25 square feet. This size storage unit is suitable for extra items, such as seasonal tools, office supplies, and extra supplies.
  • *5′ X 10′ or 50 square feet. This size storage unit is suitable for storing the equivalent of a bedroom.
  • *10′ X 10′ or 100 square feet. This size storage unit will fit the equivalent of an average sized apartment, or two bedrooms and a living room.
  • *10′ X 15′ or 150 square feet. This size storage unit is sufficient for storing the equivalent of three bedrooms, with enough room to store bulkier items such as beds and dressers.
  • *10′ X 20′ or 200 square feet. This size storage unit is good enough to meet the needs of most people. It’ll store a full house worth of items, or five bedrooms.
  • 10′ X 30′ or 300 square feet. This size storage unit is ideal for larger homes, or up to seven bedrooms.

Outside storage also ranges quite a bit in size, ranging from large enough to store a motorcycle, to large enough to store an enormous motor-home. Not all storage facilities offer outside storage, so it’s best to call around to narrow your choices to only those facilities with the right size space for your item.

Find The Right Type Of Storage Unit

There are essentially three types of storage units: drive up, indoor, and mobile. The type of storage unit that is best for you depends upon what your storage needs are. Here is a little information about each time to help you determine which works best for you:

  • *Drive Up: These units can vary from in size depending upon the facility in your area. When comparing, make not of the interior heights as this also varies between facilities. This will be very important if you store taller items. Often this type of storage unit has garage-like doors that roll up and out of the way. Some facilities do not allow vehicles to be parked inside them, so verify with management before you rent one. These are called drive up due to the fact that you have the convenience of driving up to the door to unload or pickup items. These are normally not climate controlled.
  • *Indoor: Though less convenient access for unloading items into it or picking them up, your items are generally more secure as people must pass through some type of security in order to access the storage units. The units themselves often aren’t available in the largest sizes, but this is not always the case. The units can either be climate controlled or not, so plan to spend a little extra if you have items that could warp or otherwise deteriorate due to extreme temperatures.
  • *Mobile: Perhaps the most convenient form of storage due to the fact that the storage unit, called a pod is portable. It can be delivered right to your home, and later picked up and brought to a secure yard. This is often the preferred portable storage method for people who are moving, and need their household goods stored in a new city for a period of time.

How Do I Get The Best Price For Self Storage Near Me?

After you’ve determined what features you actually need, you’ll be able to eliminate storage solutions in your location that don’t meet your specific needs. The last thing that you want to do is to pay extra for unnecessary features. When choosing a storage facility, choose from only those who seemed particularly helpful at figuring out what your needs actually are.

$1 a Month Trial Or First Month Free – 24 hour storage

storage buildings for rent near meAnother great way to save money is to look for a storage facility that offers the first month free. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t going to be storing your items for a long time. Facilities offer this promotion because it’s important to them to get you in the door. They’re banking that you’ll be like most people, and you’ll store your items far longer than you anticipate.

If You Are Searching For Storage Units Near Me Then Call Now!

Taking your time to identify your needs and to shop around, and then asking the right questions, will help you to get the deal renting the right storage unit that you deserve. Remember, more is not always better. Don’t pay for more space or more features than you’ll actually need.